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Specialty Cages

Improve Security And Safety With Specialty Cages

Discuss your options with our experienced installer

If you run a factory or warehouse full of valuable product or dangerous equipment letting guests wander around your property is a huge risk. You can keep your product secure and visitors safe with specialty cages built to suit your needs.

Whether you just want a small partition or need to secure large sections of your facility, Summit Storage Systems can install any size cage for you. You can also hire us to create product cages if you want to secure specific items like heavy machinery and forklifts. Protect your guests, employees and business when you contact us today for a specialty cage installation.

Choose your specialty cage

Lean on us to recommend and know the specifications of the best cage option for you. We have experience installing all different types of cages, from DEA cages to product cages. Here’s How it works…

  • Consult us with your idea and get expert advice on all cage options and specifications
  • Allow us to design an example for you
  • Entrust the project to be completed efficiently and professionally.

Install the cage that works for your business when you call 480-686-1729.